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poeM By Hannah


Song of a Thought


Your precious words you sent for me in your letter…

I memorise it until I can’t understand any further

It said so much about feelings that I wonder if there is another meaning

You may think it’s only a small thing to give me something to hold on...

But for me it’s a big deal for me seeing you putting a smile on…

Our first date was a disaster…but my feelings grow even harder…

You give me something to remember that is… our memory being together

It’s nice to share my love with someone like you

…because you take it seriously and truthfully

I thought you won’t shine through my heart, I guess I’m wrong… you even light up my darkest side…

I thought this is just a short-term relation

…but you make it longer than I believed in

I thought it was hard to write a song, the truth is…

It’s not…

When I flipped back a few page of happiness and tragedy in my life’s chapters… I can easily reminisce and write it down on a fresh white paper…       NOWA  






Possibly by love

There’s a voice always telling me

Only true love I can see

To be real and faithful I wanna be

One-to-one some day he’ll cherish me


Always on the go I search for the one

Hope I’ll find the only person

But games have their own rules

And sins always have their own tolls


Struggling from the past I give up on love

I suffered enough from the sacred word

I thought I’ll be miserable from the unreachable hope

But suddenly love is always by my side


xnowax -=SuNdaEcOLa=-




gulintangan smsb

ooh my`... diz iz de most precious club i
neva wanna let go... i bagi aku
silaturahim n enjoyable...aku sedih
terpaksa meninggalkannya psal aku
menyayangi nya~ klau bleh ta ku bwa
ke rumah gandang ku ah...ya rasa sja
tau ta tu sapa punya gandang...
[whahahahahaha] trlalu sentimental
bunyi nya ah..

kay...i guess ill continue to play in the
club even sudah pindah skula or wuteva really into it!!! huh~ k
dehz... ani ja dlu byez`

=+nowa+=(   Nurhannah (4sc1/5sc1) – Pemain Gendang Labik )
ouw i mish my boifren wif my scandal
skali... lama dah nda main sma
durang... heh` kn nunggu next yer batah
lagi... eheh` next yer kmi letak jawatan
since o level kn serang us d gulintangan
members... heh` bosan!!! keh ne ja...
sja2 kn menambah testimonials...

LabiK's GrL
(Izyan Idris (4sc2/5sc2) – Pemain Gendang LabIk/ Rebana/ Gong )

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